We are a design-thinking, empathy-driven, strategy firm committed to helping you build greater equality, effectiveness, and prosperity in your team, organization or sector. 

SAAS-E[quality] Pop-Up Unconference


SAAS-E[quality] 2018 was an engaging “unconference” focused on building equality in the SaaS ecosystem, and designing solutions that can be acted on.


YWE Summit


This bold, outcome-driven summit focused on empowering emerging female leaders to advance Canada's energy industry. YWE curated 2.5 days of content across leadership development, diversity and inclusion and energy industry themes.


Empathy + Design Thinking + Strategic Planning


Do you have an equality, effectiveness or prosperity challenge you need to solve? Book us to facilitate a #solveathon for your team, organization, or sector, at your next conference or event.

We can help you make sense of the wisdom and diverse perspectives of your stakeholders.


Strategic Plans / Strategic Insights / Resonant Solutions


Let us help you design a strategy that enhances equality, effectiveness, and prosperity in your organization. We can help you solve just about any problem you have in your business while enhancing equality, effectiveness, and prosperity.