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We work with organizations determined to be undisputed leaders building equal-opportunity cultures to develop innovative strategy built on perspectives of grassroots populations.


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Get stakeholders in the room to solve equality, effectiveness, and prosperity challenges, strategically.

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We’re launching a new podcast on strategy, organizational change, and building equality. Want to be a guest?

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To sustain competitive advantage and build success, you need to make brilliantly clear choices, we can help with that (with an equity lens).



Learning to think strategically will help you change the world. We’re obsessed with empowering progressive leaders and equality-focused change agents with a uniquely valuable strategy education.



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The #solveathon workshop was a perfect workshop session for our senior international leaders. Well designed, planned, structured and delivered, the #solveathon was extremely well received. We look forward to future #solveathons.

NICK BRAKE, Director,


#Solveathons are designed to bring critical stakeholders together to redefine critical equality, effectiveness, and prosperity challenges, create renewed common cause, and to develop inspired, new, strategically aligned solutions.

Whether you’re trying to tackle equity challenges, progress plateaus, or really sticky organizational challenges, the #solveathon can help you define your next right steps.

The #solveathon methodology is unique to Women’s Work Institute and Sum Strategy



Our Content Platform is home to an ongoing and nuanced conversation.

Here, you will find content produced by a collaborative of professionals committed to creating quality insights, information and resources for those passionate about advancing equity and justice in the places they live, work, and learn.

Meet the Institute collaborators, share an Insights Report, wrestle with a provocative article, and listen-in on an engaging conversation.



  • energy / oil and gas

  • fundraising / philanthropy

  • stem / higher education

  • saas / tech



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Learning to think strategically will help you change the world and your career.

We’re working on two data-backed programs to empower progressive leaders and equality-focused change agents with a uniquely valuable strategy education.

Our programs will expand your capacity for conceptual and strategic thinking, give you new skills in organizational change and development, and support your endeavours to build equality, effectiveness, and prosperity wherever you work.

Learn more about CAMP-E[quality] (for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Leaders and equality champions) and The Real Leadership Program for progressive leaders.




Sum Strategy offers strategic plans, strategic insights, and resonant solutions.

We help you design a strategy that enhances equality, effectiveness, and prosperity in your organization.

Do you have an organization, industry or profession challenge you need to solve? Book us to facilitate a #solveathon for your team, organization, or association, at your next conference or event.

We can help you make sense of the wisdom and diverse perspectives of your stakeholders.


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