We are a design-thinking, empathy-driven, strategy firm committed to helping you build greater equality, effectiveness, and prosperity in your team, organization or sector. 

SAAS-E[quality] Pop-Up Unconference


Join us at SAAS-E - an engaging “unconference” focused on building equality in the SaaS ecosystem, and designing solutions you can act on.


YWE Summit


Attend this bold, outcome-driven summit focused on empowering emerging female leaders to advance Canada's energy industry. YWE has curated 2.5 days of content across leadership development, diversity and inclusion and energy industry themes.


Empathy + Design Thinking + Strategic Planning


Do you have an equality, effectiveness or prosperity challenge you need to solve? Book us to facilitate a #solveathon for your team, organization, or sector, at your next conference or event.

We can help you make sense of the wisdom and diverse perspectives of your stakeholders.


Strategic Plans / Strategic Insights / Resonant Solutions


Let us help you design a strategy that enhances equality, effectiveness, and prosperity in your organization. We can help you solve just about any problem you have in your business while enhancing equality, effectiveness, and prosperity.