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Gender parity is a $12 trillion global opportunity. 

Companies with gender diversity in leadership experience higher return on equity, operating profit, and stock price. (McKinsey)

Your business will thrive if you invest in listening to women on your team and acting on their best ideas. 


The women on your team can help you build a more equal, more effective, and more successful organization. 

In both the corporate and public sectors, women are woefully underrepresented at the leadership table. Women's under-representation in decision-making is limiting your organization's potential. 

Getting to leadership parity is a long road. You can take steps today to act on women's ideas even before they are equally represented in your top ranks.

Women's Work Institute has developed three gender equity services designed to help you advance women and your organization's strategy simultaneously. 

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If you are committed to advancing equality, effectiveness and profitability, here are three facts you can use to build support for an engagement with Women's Work Institute.

1. Women are the world's most powerful consumers: Women control 80% of consumer spending .

2. Social media is female: Women are 15% more likely than men to visit social media sites. Women's influence online is of critical importance to your organization's success.  

3. Women's equality is a huge global economic opportunity: According to McKinsey and Co's Power of Parity Report, even modest advances in equality for women globally could contribute to $12 trillion in global economic growth. 

4. Women's unmet needs: From financial services to policing and from healthcare to law, the by-product of women's under-representation at the leadership table means that women's needs as consumers and members of our society frequently are not met by the organizations they interact with.

We can help you listen to the women on your team in a different way. 

They will share their best ideas about your consumers, your stakeholders, and - importantly - about how to build equity for them on your team.