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  • HOST a #solveathon in your organization
  • SPONSOR a #solveathon for your clients
  • BRING a #solveathon to your conference

You may already be aware of barriers to equality in your organization, but have you invested in innovative solutions to equality challenges in a fun, quick, & collaborative event? That's what our #solveathon is all about.


Acting to build equality can be fun, value-driven, and connected to your corporate strategy.

Host or sponsor a #solveathon with Women's Work institute.

Be an equality leader who pays more than lip-service.


Equality needs a quick win! That's why we hacked the lunch 'n' learn and created an engaging and empowering fast-paced strategic design process called the #solveathon. 

Invite talent from all over your organization to participate in this unique two-hour engagement event. 

We will help your team quickly identify one important and concrete equality challenge and then equip them to design actionable solutions to the challenge in teams! 

It's fun, useful, and strategic, and helps you align action with your equality goals.