Does your organization have a clear, actionable, and strategically-aligned plan to advance the equality of women on your team?

If the answer is "no" or "not yet," your organization is turning its back on potential gains in equality, effectiveness, and profitability. 

The most innovative CEOs and organizations are investing in gender equality with the same foresight as they are investing in technology, product, and service innovations. Why? Because they know their consumers expect them to take action on inequality. As you likely already know, 86% of all purchasing decisions are made or influenced by women, and recent global movements like #MeToo and #TimesUp have made equality a key consideration for your most important consumer segment. 

At Women's Work Institute, we believe that the women on your team have innovative ideas about how to strategically advance equality, effectiveness, and profitability. Over the course of 90 days, we will engage with your team using a new data-backed methodology to develop your own Sync Strategic Plan. The plan will map out a unique, clear, and compelling vision for women in your organization, set priorities for progress, and key indicators for success.  

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Participation in the engagement is a high value and low risk undertaking that will position your organization for success.

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The engagement produces a strategic plan articulating a customized route for building equality, effectiveness, and profitability.

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We identify, define and address priority challenges/opportunities women on your team see.
We apply a process informed by emerging data in behavioural science and best practices to design your strategic plan.